Course Curriculum Designers Are Screwing You

Courses Are Designed To Make Money,
Not To Teach You Math

A dirty secret of the curriculum design industry is that courses are designed to move students through programs as quickly as possible. This helps them to sell their curriculum to universities looking to take in more students and get them through their chosen program quickly.

The end result of this is students are left ill-prepared for all of their courses and unable to practically apply what they’ve learned when they graduate.

Titan Math Guides Are The Solution

While this isn’t something that is going to change soon, it is something that students can overcome by learning math the right way. That’s where Titan Math Guides can help. 

Created by Brock Erwin, a top instructor from Texas Tech University, a highly rated research university in the state of Texas, Titan Math Guides give you the insights that your instructors would love to be teaching you if they were the ones designing the curriculum.

You’re getting an inside look at information that has helped thousands of students for over a decade to learn math the right way. 

Photo of Texas Tech University math instructor Brock Erwin while teaching abroad in Costa Rica.

Learn Derivatives The Right Way

Cover for the ebook Understanding Derivatives by Brock Erwin from Titan Math.

With The Understanding Derivatives Guide, You Get

The Understanding Derivatives guide has been crafted based on over a decade of experience working with thousands of students.

All of the examples and tips address the most common challenges students face when trying to learn derivatives. 

Using these methods, the average student can increase their next derivatives test scores by five points or more.


Understanding Derivatives Ebook

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