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Brock Erwin, Your New Math Instructor

For the past decade, I’ve been an instructor at Texas Tech University working with students to develop a solid understanding of a wide variety of mathematic subjects. 

During this time one of the things I’ve noticed is that so many students struggle with even the most basic of concepts, usually through no fault of their own.

The dirty secret is that math in universities isn’t designed to help you fully learn the subject and succeed at applying it in a practical way. Instead, like many aspects of the modern university system, it’s taught in a way that gets you through the curriculum as quickly as possible.

It’s time that changed!

Photo of Texas Tech University math instructor Brock Erwin while teaching abroad in Costa Rica.

Math Curriculum Designers Are Screwing You Over

The reality is that curriculum designers, in league with the administration at colleges and universities across the United States, have set you up to fail. Their goal is to sell their curriculum to universities and the goal of university administrators is to move as many students as possible through courses to maximize profits. 

For this reason, the curriculum is often designed in a way that increases the speed at which instructors can move through the material but often leaves otherwise talented students struggling to grasp the concepts needed to succeed in learning and applying math in the rest of their studies. 

Not only is this a severe injustice to students, but it’s also a major source of frustration for instructors and professors trying to help students succeed while still working within the confines of the curriculum.  There is a better way and while it may take time for curriculum designers and universities to completely change the way they operate, there is no reason you should be stuck with inefficient methods of learning. 

It's Time To Titan Up Your Math Skills

Over the past decade of teaching, I’ve been able to formulate more efficient methods of teaching different concepts related to various mathematical subjects including calculus, trigonometry, statistics, business math, and algebra. 

This has been tried and tested through working with thousands of students and helping them to succeed in their studies. For me, that success is measured not in a student’s ability to pass a test, but in their ability to truly understand the concepts being taught so they can apply those concepts throughout the rest of their academic studies and on into their chosen career field. 

Don’t take my word for it though.

What Past Students Have Said

  • The best math teacher I have ever had. Teaches clearly and always is concerned if you don’t understand something. Higly recommended.

    Math 1452 Student

  • He’s a great Calculus II teacher. He provides plenty of examples, but he also is great at answering questions. I’d say he is easily the best Calculus II teacher at Texas Tech University…

    Math 1452 Student

  • Brock is one of the best professors in the math department. He breaks down concepts so they are easy to understand and writes examples clearly. His problem solving processes are always straightforward.

    Math 4354 Student

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