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Here’s a dirty secret that universities, schools, and curriculum designers don’t want you to know, the courses you take are designed to get you through as quickly as possible. More often than not, this speed and efficiency comes at the cost of actually learning the material.

Titan Math seeks to teach difficult mathematic concepts in a way that will help you learn and remember each concept. The goal is for you to understand how to use each concept in both your academic studies and chosen profession upon graduation. 

Instructor Brock Erwin

Photo of Texas Tech University math instructor Brock Erwin while teaching abroad in Costa Rica.

Brock Erwin has been teaching at Texas Tech University for over a decade in the department of mathematics. During that time, he’s worked with thousands of students and seen the shortcomings in how the course curriculum is designed at the university level and below. To help students better prepare for tests and learn difficult mathematic concepts more efficiently, he’s designed Titan Math Guides to help students with the desire to improve.

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